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Our Services:

  • We can clean an array of fabrics, leather, suede and household items such as linens, comforters, blankets and table cloths.
  • No Matter How Stubborn The Stain, Our Experienced Team Will Do Their Best To Remove It!
  • We use alternative methods to perc. (liquid perchloroethylene) We use gentle biodegradable detergents/Eco-Friendly Solvents and we process all garments with environmentally friendly methods.
  • We offer press-only service for those items you prefer to clean, but you desire that professional finished look!
  • Alterations are offered as well. We recycle hangers. Alteration services include replacing zippers, repairing tears, etc. Buttons are tightened or replaced at no charge!


  • Same Day Pickup! Monday-Saturday. Items dropped off by 9AM will be ready by 5PM for work tomorrow or that special event tonight at no additional charge!
  • 24 Hour Drop Off. You can drop off any time if your hours don't match ours!
  • Save Time - Pick Up & Go - No Delays! It's that simple! The VIP Bag automated billing option allows you to authorize charges to your credit card. We offer complimentary VIP Bags to make dropping your clothes off faster!
  • We check & replace all broken buttons!
  • All Dry Cleaning & Laundry Done On Premises!
  • Specializing in Excellence - Where Quality Matters!

Reliable - Prompt - Professional

Lantana Dry Cleaners
Lantana Dry Cleaners
Lantana Dry Cleaners
Lantana Dry Cleaners